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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Keep on Moving

Although obesity is often related to being sedentary, many people with sedentary lifestyles manage to stay slim.  We should not assume that being slim means these individuals are not at risk.  A recent study showed that twice as many deaths could be prevented by adding exercise, rather than eliminating obesity.  In other words, physical size is not the […]

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Hockey is Back!

Keep in mind as you are cheering on the Blue Jays, both the NHL and local hockey teams are back in full swing.  We are already hearing our clients discuss enjoying this favourite local past time – playing on organized teams or with friends on weekends. It’s never a dull moment at ABC. Recently we were […]

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Compression Socks

Did you know that compression socks can improve your comfort while running?? They can improve circulation and decrease lactic acid build up. Come check out the cool colours we have!

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Calling All Runners!

  This month is the Hamilton Marathon!   Runners, are you stretching???   Stay healthy while you train by engaging in a thorough stretching program.  Some areas you should include are: hamstrings; quads; calves; hip flexors; iliotibial band; glutes; piriformis; and any areas you have a history of increased tension or injury.  It may sound like a lot to […]

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