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Monthly Archives: November 2015


Our wall dedicated to our ABC sponsored teams! One of our young athletes happened to find himself on our wall only days after hanging up the plaques! Next time you are here for a visit, see if you can find yourself or one of your children on the wall in our waiting area.  

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Affordable Home Care Needed

It’s worrisome to read articles like the one attached below.  At Active Body Clinic we are striving to bridge the gap for seniors between government-funded care and expensive private physiotherapy.  We would like to offer better and affordable care to seniors in their homes, and we have started this initiative this fall.  Ask us for details! […]

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It’s hard to believe, but there are only another 8 weeks in this calendar year. If you need new orthotics, call now to book an appointment before your coverage for 2015 expires. We can quickly get you in for your assessment and keep your feet, knees, hips and back healthy!

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