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Five easy ways to correct your posture

1. When sitting in a chair, place your buttocks at the back of your chair. Do not sit on the edge of your chair, it makes it easier to slouch 2. Make sure you feel a little arching in your low back 3. Relax your shoulder down 4. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and puff […]

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Patellofemoral Knee Pain

A very common condition seen by Physiotherapists is that of patellofemoral knee pain, which is pain located at the front and inner side of the knee, or under and around the kneecap. 2.5 million runners are diagnosed with patellofemoral pain every year, and 74% of these will decrease their activity level over the next five […]

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Top five ways to prevent Osteoporosis

Perform weight bearing exercise Weight bearing exercise such as aerobics, walking, jogging are shown to help prevent bone loss Consume calcium-rich foods Milk, Cheese, Yogurt Kale Broccoli Take calcium supplements Your doctor may recommend calcium supplements Extra calcium support may be needed if you are post menopausal or going through menopause Take vitamin D supplements […]

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What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been used for centuries by the Chinese to treat disease and injury.  It works by inserting fine needles into specific mapped out points in the body.  Traditional Acupuncturists inserted needles into a specific area of the body to restore the balance of energy.  They believe that injury is a result of an imbalance […]

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Tips for a Moving Experience in the Garden

Using the right moves can go a long way to enabling you to plant and rake without the ache. Positioning your body correctly reduces the strain on muscles and joints. So use these tips to enjoy the gardening season from beginning to end. • Alternate your tasks. Switch between heavy chores such as digging and lighter, less physically demanding […]

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Pregnancy and Physiotherapy

It is well known that various changes occur to the body during Pregnancy. This may cause one to suffer from low back, leg or foot pain. Others suffer from swelling, sciatica or carpel tunnel syndrome. For many years, our clients have depended on us to assist them during all stages of their pregnancy. If you or someone you […]

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‘Slipped Discs’ (or Disc Herniations)

While you may have heard people say they have a ‘slipped disc’ in their low back, our discs do not actually slip out of place.  Usually what has occurred is a disc herniation.  A healthy disc in our back is made up of an outer ring of strong ligaments, with a spongy centre called the […]

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Your Body after Pregnancy

While you may be focused initially on losing the baby weight you gained during your pregnancy, once you’ve given birth it is important to know that since your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles have been stretched and possibly damaged you will need to do specific exercises to restore these muscles to their normal function.  This […]

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Core Stability

When people talk about ‘core’ strength, they often understand it to mean simply their abdominal muscles. What is often misunderstood is that our true core is a group of muscles that function as a team to provide stability to our whole body. When contracted together, these muscles form a stable base on which to move […]

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Physiotherapy for Pain Relief

Clients seek Physiotherapy care for a number of reasons.  The most common reason is for pain relief.   Physiotherapy is the treatment of preference for many who suffer from pain whether in the back or neck, or joint pain such as hips, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows or shoulders.  Some have sustained a work or motor vehicle […]

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