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Fall Checklist

Fall Checklist Item #5 Get out of Sitting
Fall is less than a week away and school has already begun – that means most of us are already spending longer periods indoors, and sitting more throughout the day.  Some say, ‘sitting is the new smoking’ as all of this sitting is slowly harming us.
Here are 5 quick tips to avoid deleterious health-effects associated with prolonged sitting:
1.  Identify warning signs – dull aches in the back/neck, which escalate to more significant pain while seated, are signs that your posture needs work.   Seek input on postural correction before the pain becomes chronic.
2. Get moving!   Simply put, you cannot sit for hours everyday and stay healthy.  Find an excuse to get up from your desk – regular trips to the water cooler or restroom should suffice, and better yet, incorporate a daily walk at lunch into your day.  Motion is lotion; our bodies are not meant to be sedentary.
3.  Ergonomic Aids – use a footstool if your feet don’t touch the ground, and a pillow/lumbar roll if you have an achy low back.  A lumbar roll can also prevent low back pain from occurring in the first place – it’s a great little tool to pick up.  Ask us about ergonomics and how to identify ergonomic concerns.
4. Get your eyes checked!  When we can’t see properly, our head and neck creep forward to help bring the viewing material closer to our eyes. This forward-head posture will strain your neck. Corrective eye wear could help keep your head and neck in a neutral position and reduce neck strain.
5. Cue your brain to think about posture – find something you do multiple times throughout the day (e.g. checking the time) and use that to cue yourself to remember to be in good alignment.  Attaching a postural check to an activity you know you do regularly, will ensure that you stay on top of it.  And why not add a trip to the water cooler with every postural check?!
It’s easy to slip into the mind-set that we are too busy to get moving or think about posture, but it’s simply not true.  Pain and poor health are the much greater barriers to productivity.  Stay on top of your health and you will accomplish a whole lot more.


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