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Patellofemoral Knee Pain

A very common condition seen by Physiotherapists is that of patellofemoral knee pain, which is pain located at the front and inner side of the knee, or under and around the kneecap. 2.5 million runners are diagnosed with patellofemoral pain every year, and 74% of these will decrease their activity level over the next five years due to pain, but this doesn’t have to happen! A thorough physiotherapy assessment is important as this pain can stem from several possible causes such as decreased strength at the hip and in the thigh, tight muscles that attach to the knee, or abnormal movement of the knee cap, knee joint, or the hip, ankle, or foot. An examination of the back and both legs can determine what structures are causing the pain, and then treatment will be prescribed based on the problem.

Treatment may include strengthening and stretching of the muscles of the hip, thigh and ankle, taping or bracing of the kneecap, manual therapy to the knee, acupuncture to relieve pain and inflammation, ultrasound to speed up healing, or custom made foot orthotics to improve your alignment and movement. It can also be helpful to have an experienced Physiotherapist watch you run, so that they can identify any abnormal techniques you may be using that are placing undue strain on the knee and contributing to your pain. Early diagnosis and thorough treatment is the key to a quick resolution of Patellofemoral knee pain.

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    Yes, stretching of muscles can help to ease the pain.

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    Good article and helpful information. Thanks for sharing.

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