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Pregnancy and Physiotherapy

It is well known that various changes occur to the body during Pregnancy. This may cause one to suffer from low back, leg or foot pain. Others suffer from swelling, sciatica or carpel tunnel syndrome. For many years, our clients have depended on us to assist them during all stages of their pregnancy. If you or someone you know is suffering while pregnant please have them contact our office. What you may not know is our care often continues right into the delivery room.

No, we are not delivering babies at Active Body Clinic, but we do provide a complimentary T.E.N.S. unit to our qualified patient to provide pain relief during their labour and delivery. T.E.N.S. stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and it has been safely used for decades as a non-medical form of pain relief. It works by stimulating the body’s release of its own natural pain killers and also by blocking pain signals travelling to the brain. With the use of a TENS unit we have helped many patients succeed in having a natural child birth and also relieving the post-partum pain typically experienced. Please spread the word of this wonderful portable device to anyone you know who may be interested in decreasing the need for medical interventions during their delivery and have them contact us right away.

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