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Tips to Avoid Overeating

Choose a specific place at home and work to do all of your eating.  Eat at the dinner table at home, and somewhere other than your work-station at work. Choose to only eat.  Make this a pure activity, so remove all distractions. Avoid reading, watching TV, working, etc. while eating. Replace high calorie convenience foods […]

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8 Quick Tips to Improve Your Nutrition

1)      Eat less fat.  Fat is most often found in packaged foods, oils, and high fat meats and dairy. 2)      If you want to feel alive, eat “live” foods.  This means eating as many whole foods as possible, such as fruits, vegetables and grains. 3)      Reduce or eliminate the ingestion of the flesh of animals.  […]

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Tips for a Moving Experience in the Garden

Using the right moves can go a long way to enabling you to plant and rake without the ache. Positioning your body correctly reduces the strain on muscles and joints. So use these tips to enjoy the gardening season from beginning to end. • Alternate your tasks. Switch between heavy chores such as digging and lighter, less physically demanding […]

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