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Tips to Avoid Overeating

  1. Choose a specific place at home and work to do all of your eating.  Eat at the dinner table at home, and somewhere other than your work-station at work.
  2. Choose to only eat.  Make this a pure activity, so remove all distractions. Avoid reading, watching TV, working, etc. while eating.
  3. Replace high calorie convenience foods with low calorie more healthy convenience foods.  Rather than having cupcakes and cookies available on-demand, instead have almonds, fresh fruit, and baby carrots available for quick easy consumption.
  4. Keep all food stored in cabinets or the refrigerator.  Think “out of sight, out of mind”.
  5. Leave some food on your plate at most meals.  Eat slowly until comfortable, and then stop.  Jamming food into our body just to finish the plate sends the wrong message to our brain.  Leaving some food on our plate reprograms an early erroneous learned behaviour that we must eat until it is all gone.
  6. Put the unused prepared food away before you begin to eat.  That is, before you sit down to eat your meal, put all the leftovers away first.  This will limit your desire to have seconds (or thirds!).
  7. Manage yourself at the supermarket.  Only go shopping after you have eaten, avoid the center aisles where high calorie snacks exist, read labels, and stick to your list.  Remember to only shop once or twice per week.
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