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Tips to stay on top of your New Years Resolutions

Whether it’s a new diet, a new exercise program, or a new healthy lifestyle, many of us have committed to a New Years Resolution.
We hope at this point everyone is still on track, but how can we avoid slipping out of these good habits?
Here are 3 easy tips:
1. Use technology – our cell phones and other smart devices have calendars and reminder-systems built into them.  Set reminders to achieve your goals and hold yourself accountable
2. Partner up – see if a friend or family member has a similar new years resolution.  You can both be motivators and hold each other accountable.
3. Be internally motivated – external motivation can be fleeting. If the motivation comes from within, it should serve you better in reaching your goals. Choose priorities like health and wellness, over aesthetics and/or a number on a scale.  The latter items disappear once the goal is reached, and maintenance is just as important as getting there in the first place.
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