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Top five ways to relieve your tension headache without using pain killers

1. Maintain proper posture! Maintaining a slouched posture for prolonged periods of time will cause certain neck muscles to become overworked and others to weaken. The overworked muscles can cause neck pain, tension, and headaches. If left not treated, it can lead to chronic neck pain and headaches

A picture of a man demonstrating correct and incorrect standing posture.


2. Take frequent short breaks while working at your desk. Standing up from your chair, roll your shoulders back, and re-set your posture. When you are sitting at a desk or a computer for long periods of time and are engaged in your work, you forget to maintain your posture. This causes the neck tension to build and the headaches to start
Stretch your neck throughout the day. Repeat every few hours and hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

Image of man, seated, demonstrating side to side neck stretches

 Woman demonstrating upper back stretch


3. Give yourself some treatment. Apply a deep tolerable pressure to the small muscles below the base of your skull and your temples for 5 minutes. The pressure works to break up tension within the muscle which causes tension headaches.

Demonstration of how to apply pressure to base of skull in order to relieve a tension headache

Woman demonstrating how to apply pressure to temples to relieve a tension headache.


4. A good night’s sleep with proper positioning and a supportive pillow. Ensure that your neck isn’t twisted to one side or tucked into your chest, you want to keep your neck in a neutral position. You may need to adjust your sleeping position or your pillow.

Proper sleep position, spine is aligned when sleeping on side        Corrected sleep positions


Improper sleep position, sleeping on stomach  Incorrect sleep position  Incorrect sleep position, fetal position


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