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What to Look for When Choosing a Wellness Clinic

  1. Ensure that a registered Physiotherapist or Chiropractor will be assessing and treating you
    • In Ontario, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have to be registered with their affiliated college in order to practice
    • Each practitioner will have a valid registration number


  1. Ask how long your treatment sessions will be
    • Typically 20-30 minute treatment sessions are needed to adequately attend to an injury
    • For some less complex cases, 15 minutes may be sufficient. Ie: Ankle sprain
    • Make sure you are getting the attention you need


  1. Ask if you will have one-on-one care with your therapist
    • Make sure you will have one-on-one attention with your therapist


  1. Ask how much time will you spend with your therapist each visit
    • Many clinics will give you 5 minutes of time with a Physiotherapist, and the rest of the time is spent with Assistants
    • Make sure that you are seeing your therapist for the majority of your session


  1. Ask about the type of treatments that will be provided
    • The therapist should provide hands –on treatment, exercise instruction, and education.

If you are receiving hot packs, Ultrasound, and electrodes as your primary treatment, your condition is not being properly treated.

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