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Your Fall Checklist

Your Fall Checklist Item #2 Plan Your Exercise Schedule

It’s very common to ramp up exercise during the spring and summer months – the temperatures are warmer and there is often more time!  However, as summer holidays are coming to an end, many of us will be returning to a busier work schedule.  Don’t let your exercise routine slide this fall!   It may take some planning, but do take the time to create a schedule that includes regular exercise.  Physical demands in the workplace can easily cause repetitive-strain injuries, and these injuries can be avoided with regular, targeted exercise.  Also, sedentary jobs lead to insidious weight-gain, which can also easily be avoided with exercise.

I often hear clients say that, prior to their injury and coming for treatment, they didn’t know what exercises were most beneficial for their own specific needs.  If you are thinking about adding exercise to your life, or looking for exercises to promote good spinal health and decrease repetitive-strain, please give us a call.  We can perform a thorough physical assessment to determine what biomechanical imbalances you have, and give you the tools to correct them.  Don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from achieving and maintaining good health!!  Exercise is the key.

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